first woman to receive emmy nominations

in acting, writing, and directing.

indie series award-winning director.

telly award-winning for best scripted series. 

indie series nominated actress.writer.producer


…moved to Los Angeles only four years ago after spending 30 years in the theatre as a professional actress (working with Tony-award winning directors); playwright (Off and Off-Off-Broadway); and director and artistic director of her own theatre company in Upstate New York. In its final years, her theatre company moved from a black box theatre into a movie theatre where she began to film her plays and the plays of other playwrights. This was the beginning of her new direction launching her avant-garde theatre work off the stage directly onto the screen.

To help her reach her full potential as a writer, when Cummings arrived to L.A., she, for the first time in her life, formally studied writing with acclaimed television writer, Ron Osborn (“Moonlighting” TV series) and wrote her first feature, “Eat Bitter, Taste Sweet.” However, it was Ron’s hard-core teaching style that pushed Anne Marie to churn out her first one-take TV series – “Conversations in L.A.” – on her very own.

With “Conversations in L.A.,” Cummings has intuitively brought together all of her vast experiences as an actress, writer, and director by organically merging her vision of “theatre onto film” with unique, single-camera episodes – all highly choreographed and all quite daring in their own right. No stranger to embracing an entrepreneurial spirit, she paid for this entire project by taking a huge financial leap of faith – – selling her home in Upstate New York.

Cummings began acting on stage at the age of six, and after performing in a dozen or more professional plays by the age of 16, she attended the highly acclaimed drama program at Carnegie Mellon University. During her summers at Carnegie, she continued to study theatre at Northwestern University and the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England. There she studied with some of the greats such as Simon Callow, Jeremy Irons, the late Peggy Ashcroft, and the late Sir John Gielgud.